Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Summer is 'ere so I attempted the bikini shop. That alone should explain why I then enlisted a personal trainer for a one off session at my gym.

She told me I was skinny fat. She said that I eat shit, ain't toned, have some buns on me and am lucky enough that my metabolism keeps me around a size 8 but as soon as I hit 25, I'm f*#cked. And fat. Excuse my French.

She gave me a excersize/eating plan, but yeah I am yet to start it and I saw her two weeks ago. So how pleased was I today when flicking through Grazia and stumbled on a small article about the personal trainer, Oscar Smith, who has started working with model Catherine McNeil. He called her Skinny fat too, "She was what I call 'skinny fat', without muscle and lacking definition".

If it was good enough for McNeil in previous catwalk seasons then its good enough for me.

So then, this is the bikini I want. yay for Zimmo.

Buy it here: http://www.zimmermannstore.com/collections/swim/swimwear/shiver-underwire-bikini-1.html

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