Saturday, December 5, 2009


Saturday night. You know when you suddenly hit that point and you're like gotta go. Feet hurt, you have already had one drink too many and you want to beat the 3am change over. And you still have to wait like half an hour for a cab and by the time you get into that cab you are soo royally irritated and your feet hurt even more. This was me last night, despite wearing my favourite Margiela's that are usually really comfy and are by no means high.

And just as I was privately scolding myself for having one drink too many and what a waste of a day tomorrow would be when Placebo Every you Every me came on the radio. Flashes of Cruel Intentions and I had my day all planned out. Cult classic. And the outfits. Who can forget Joshua Jackson's cute little preppy numbers.

And this amazing black ensemble.

 It just never gets old, does it. Gossip Girl needs some lessons from the real Queen B's of the Upper East Side. xoxo.

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