Thursday, December 3, 2009


I always thought Creepers were close to extinction. It is very very rarely these days you see your local goth, ska, or punk friends rocking a pair. I've probably only seen them about once in the last two years. I know what your thinking it's 'cause their fugly, damn fugly, but hear me (or read me) out, it's all about the Teddy Boys. I have such a thing for a Teddy Boy (love me a subculture), the drainpipe trousers cuffed, draped jackets, velvet and the quiff... I just melt at the site of a 50s inspired, well constructed quiff.

Well it turns out I'm not the only Teddy obsessive, 'cause the fashion set have started rockin' the creepers. Armand Basi sent them down the runway in white and grey with quiffs to go.


Fugly never looked so good.

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